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Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center is a free, public, non-profit charter school. The Grand Rapids Public School district is our charter authorizer. As such, our school is autonomously governed by a Board of Directors. The role of the Board at our school is to govern- the Board hires, manages, and evaluates the Executive Director, approves and oversees the budget, ensures the school is in compliance with laws and regulations, and sets and/or approves the policies which govern the running of the school. The detailed workings of the board can be found in the first section of the Board Policy Book.

Regular meetings of the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center Board of Directors will be held the second Monday of each month during the academic year, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Please see our meeting schedule below. Working teams also meet in the areas of development, finance, facility, and equity.

Notice of Regular Meetings 2023-2024

Board of Directors

Headshot of Amelia Grayson
Picture of board President Stephen Tanner

Stephen Tanner
Board Chair President

Picture of board treasurer Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis
Board Treasurer

Picture of board member Abby Sutter

Amelia Grayson
Board Secretary

Abby Sutter
Board Member At Large

Headshot of Philip Strom

Philip Strom Board Member at Large Philip.Board@

Picture of board member Travis LaFleur

Travis LaFleur
Vice President

Picture of board member Courtney Myers-Keaton

Courtney Myers-Keaton Board Member at Large Courtney.Board@

Picture of board member Justine Burdette

Justine Burdette Board Member at Large Justine.Board@

Picture of board member Douglas Meeks

Douglas Meeks
Board Member at Large

For general board inquiries
please email

Board Agendas, Minutes, and Budgets
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