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Our Philosophy

Nurturing Potential
through Connection, Inspiration, and Equity

Relationships are at the core of our teaching approach. Instead of placing children at the center, we focus on a dynamic triad: child, family, and teacher. This interconnected relationship is where deep learning blossoms. In every choice we make, our goal is to fortify these bonds, ensuring that every student reaps the rewards of increased life opportunities.

Our Core Values:

  1. Potential:

    • Every human has a profound right to communicate, engage, and learn.

    • We believe in the voice of children, valuing and seeking their insights.

    • Both children and adults are capable of facing challenges and growing from them. We’re dedicated to ensuring all our students learn at high levels, unlocking doors to a brighter future.

  2. Connection:

    • Learning flourishes through interaction. We all benefit from shared responsibilities and collective endeavors.

    • We prioritize a network of relationships, making it nearly impossible for any student to falter.

    • At our foundation is the unbreakable bond between teachers, students, and families, all interconnected within our larger community.

  3. Inspiration:

    • Every individual is a mosaic of unique ways to express, communicate, and interact with the world.

    • We champion curiosity, creativity, and adaptability.

    • Our school is a haven where joy, fun, and celebration are intertwined with education.

  4. Equity:

    • We believe that every member of our community is complete just as they are.

    • Education, well-being, and equal access to opportunities are everyone's birthright.

    • We're committed to elevating voices from all walks of life, ensuring representation, and actively promoting social justice.


Our Legacy:
Born from a dream in the late 1990s by a group of visionary parents and educators, the GRCDC first opened its doors in 2000. With roots tracing back to the Reggio Emilia philosophy from Italy, we've tailored this approach to suit our community and our students. Today, we proudly serve 272 budding minds from grades K-5, helping them navigate their world through inquiry, exploration, and creativity.


Discover with Us:
Our classrooms are dynamic, constantly evolving to reflect the ongoing journey of learning. From the blackboards that tell stories of student exploration to the unique classroom setups that prioritize student expression, GRCDC is more than a school; it's an experience. Join us, and let's discover the world of learning together.

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